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Happiness is just a Heineken away.

The Spot: A woman and her friends are walking around a stylish apartment, showing off various elements of the place. The woman walks to a large door, clearly excited. She throws open the doors to reveal a large walk in closet with a bevy of different shoes, purses and clothing. The woman and her friends begin to jump up and down while squealing in delight, clearly thrilled about the closet. Suddenly, you clearly hear more squeals and yells of excitement in the distance. We pan into a group of men jumping, screaming and obviously giddy. We see that the men are excited over a closet stocked full of the beer, Heineken.

Beer is generally seen as a “man’s man” drink. It’s not a traditional choice for many women, most choosing a lighter, fruitier beverage to enjoy. According to, only 30% of women choose to drink it while out. Keeping that in mind, Heineken has gone out of it’s way to appeal to the female market. They have the men down, now it’s time to conquer the women!

In this ad, Heineken is now attempting to appeal to women. By creating a closet of designer duds, Heineken created every woman’s fantasy. But what would the dream closet of a man look like? A closet of women? Big screen televisions? The clear answer, would be beer. And Heineken wants you as a woman to see that you can get just as excited over their beer as a closet of Dior.

By creating these specific closets and showing the joy and giddiness of what these products can bring, while comparing the two, you can see how someone would really be excited over their favourite things.

The big role in this ad is humour. And the play of lifestyles. I remember the first time I saw this ad and I loved it from the start. The idea of a “dream closet of beer” would get a group of men so excited is hilarious to me.

However, some people may find the portrayal of the women as slightly offensive. The women are portrayed as slightly materialistic and give the impression that in order to be happy, you must have an entire closet of designer clothes. But hey, you can’t take it so seriously.

Overall, I find this commercial funny and I think it definitely gets the point across – happiness is a Heineken beer away. For this I give this commercial an A.

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In my World ( Only my opinion matters. . )

Giraffe. Heart. Martini. I like it on the couch. 

Um, What? 

Yes, generally these things don’t go together. Unless of course, you are overly familiar with the use of social media trends. Some find them cute, some are beyond annoying and some are flat out stupid. In my opinion anyway and in my world my opinion means a lot. 

Just last week, I logged onto my facebook and was a tad annoyed that every other friend on facebook had a picture of a giraffe. Don’t get me wrong, they’re adorable. But I don’t want to see one every two seconds while I scroll down my page. i knew this meant only one thing – a new facebook trend had begun. Sure enough, after only about thirty more second on scrolling, I found it. The giraffe riddle. The riddle goes like this: 

“It’s 3am, the doorbell rings and you wake up. Unexpected visitors, it’s your parents and they’re there for breakfast. You have strawberry jam, honey, wine, bread and cheese. What’s the first thing you open?” 

my first thought, who the hell cares? And what the heck does it do with a giraffe? To be honest, I didn’t care enough to look. But for the sake of this blog, I did a little research. According to the site “Know Your Meme” it was created by a vlogger Andrew Strugnell who created a video on youtube and a facebook page to promote the challenge. But why? I never found the answer. Fun? Hardly. 

To me, the answer was clear: your eyes. Turns out. I was correct. And therefore I was sparred the horror of being a giraffe on facebook as my profile picture. That’s all there is to it: answer right and youre not a giraffe. Well thanks Andrew Strugnell. 

This isn’t the first one and it won’t be the last. Previously to promote breast cancer awareness, women on facebook were inboxed and asked to write in their status where they liked to place their purse. On the couch. On the table, etc, etc. 

“I like it on the couch” confused men around the facebook world scratched their craniums. Nice idea, but in reality doesn’t do much. 

So why do people do these things? I guess it’s the whole idea of inclusion. Or a lemming effect. Who knows? I personally would love to live in a world where I don’t have to see them. but then again, it’s not my world. 



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