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Enough is Enough is Enough?

on October 25, 2013

We all know that one person who makes those jokes. You know the jokes that are above and beyond boarder line appropriate. Sometimes despite yourself, you can’t help but laugh. Other times the joke is met to absolute silence. Or worse – incessant anger.

I think the same can be said for product ads. There are some, like the Herbal Essences commercials, that seem somewhat racy and lets face it, untrue. I know myself I don’t hop into the shower, lather up and let out a series of strange moans. I mean, what’s with that? Some of my favourite commercials of all time happens to be the M&M’s commercials. To me, there’s something so hilarious about a piece of candy thinking it’s at a “naked party.” Then again, I have a somewhat immature sense of humour. I can sit down and giggle with five year olds over the funniest of poopy jokes.

But then there comes a time when you see a commercial or advertisement and you think, enough is enough is enough!

Recently, a French gambling company released an online  commercial that revolves around the assassination of John F. Kennedy when he was president in the 1960’S. Yup, the 1960’s. JFK died nearly fifty years ago. But American’s are outraged. The premise of the video is two policemen are standing beside each other along the parade route in  Dallas, Texas when one cop turns to the other cop and with a smirk says, “I bet you I can spin my pistol around ( insert random amount of times)” and once he proceeds to do it, sets the gun off. We briefly see a Jackie Kennedy look alike sprawled across the back of the car before the worried cop points to a top window in a building and proclaims, “the shot came from that window!!”

Now, because I’m pretty open, I found it entertaining. The idea is interesting. But when you’re talking about an event as  historically crushing at that was. . .is it too much? Honestly, I can’t say. Is it too soon fifty years later to make  a joke about it? I would certainly never crack a joke about 9/11 and it’s been twelve years. Keep in mind, laws are more lax  in Europe concerning ads. I have a feeling if it was an American or Canadian company who made and played the ad, it would be a different story.

So just ask yourself. Too soon? Too much? You might surprise yourself in your answer. . . .


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