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Doug Jeffries, Justin Bieber, Miley and Ri Ri walk into a bar. . .

on October 15, 2013

1011729_10151615017427954_1269817433_n“Meeting you was better than meeting Justin Bieber.”

This was said to my dad this past Sunday while he was having his coffee at the local Tim Horton’s.

Whether she was serious or not ( she seemed pretty darn serious, if we’re being honest) it struck a cord. It seemed RIDICULOUS. To me, he’s the man who growing up would make me spaghetti on Saturday nights to watch Looney Tunes. The man who used to take my arm, slightly hit me and say, “Kelsey, why are you hitting yourself?” He was a DORK. Cooler then Justin Bieber? I guess that’s a matter of opinion.

I should probably take this moment to point out that my dad is the local sports broadcaster on CKWS. Okay, so he’s no Terry Bradshaw, but it’s still pretty cool. But it got me thinking if someone like my dad can influence and make people react that way what can celebrities do?

It’s amazing how many people will refuse to buy a product – until a celebrity endorses the product. It hits that cord. The “coolness” factor so to speak. If Jennifer Lopez is wearing it, I should too. If Miley Cyrus is doing molly, why shouldn’t I?

It’s unbelievable the amount of people who will act like lemmings because a celebrity acts a certain way or dresses a certain way. Girls will put on the most ridiculous outfits to look like their celebrity idol. Black leather pants, flip flops a parka and half shaved head. Are you kidding me? Half these girls wouldn’t have thought to put that outfit together if they hadn’t seen good ‘ole Ri Ri wearing it in a magazine.

Then there’s the more dangerous lemming activity such as that in Teen Mom. Young Teen girls getting pregnant younger and younger and saying they can handle it, “Because like, Amber on Teen Mom totally did it on her own. So I can too!” Well, youre thirteen and can’t even drive. How are you going to get your kid to the doctors? Yeah, think it through.

Celebrities and their actions are dangerous. I honestly believe that we as a society need to stop giving celebrities the power to essentially control our lives. To make OUR decisions. Because that’s essentially what we’re doing. When we put away our jeans and sweatshirts for ridiculous leather pants we give them the power. When we light up that blunt because Miley Cyrus is doing it, we’re giving up who we really are for society. I really don’t think some celebrities understand that. And some do and use it to their advantage.

Personally, I’m going to keep rocking my sweatpants. Take that Ri Ri.


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