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Poopourrie (Yes, you read that right)

on October 1, 2013

Despite what ladies say, we do poop. Gross, I know. But stay with me here. I have a point – I promise.

I was on youtube this week, waiting for Luke Bryan to “shake it for me” when I was distracted by an ad that blew my mind.  A woman sitting on the toilet in a dress and pearls talking about the enormous poop she had just expelled from her body.

I sat there for a moment or two in shock – and I watched it again. It was like a train wreck. You don’t want to watch, but you have to.  A disgusting, un-lady like commercial that felt unnecessary. Surely there were other ways to promote this “Poopourrie” product? I mean, REALLY?

But then I watched again and realized that it worked. I was amused and flabbergasted all in one. But it made me actually wonder if the product worked. Perhaps it’s a crappy product? ( I know, I know. But I had to. I’m not an individual who can let a golden pun like that go!) Maybe the company is just counting on an amazing campaign to bring customers in?

They claim that it really works (but of course they do!) Apparently before taking a grand ‘ole number two, you apply this “poopourrie” product into the basin of your toilet. Therefore eliminating the smell afterwards. The company claims, “No one will know that you ever pooped!”

I ventured to our neighbourhood friendly Walmart. I was going to stick it in my bathroom. In the name of science of course. It turns out, the product hasn’t hit the shelves in Canada yet It’s only available online. . But I’m still curious. The commercial did its job. No matter how you feel about it. It really works. And the company knew it.

I was sure that I wasn’t the only person to feel this way. So again, in the name of science, I sent the clip to my best friend. Her response? “Quite possibly the best commercial I’ve ever seen. I’m sending it to so and so” and then only moments later, I received a text from said so and so that read “I just S*** my pants laughing.”

Poop humour for the win.


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  1. […] Kelsey Jeffries shows she has a way with words in her post about Poopourri, flower scents for your toilet bowl. She makes a real effort to seek out the fragrant spray and learns that Poopourri isn’t yet available in Canada, eh. […]

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